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The Importance of Reading at Home

This picture has been floating around Pinterest. My program coach emailed it to our staff today and had it translated into Spanish, so we can share it with parents at conferences this week. It’s pretty powerful.

Of course, I’d like to add that we get a lot more bang for our buck when kids read at their independent levels. I think it’s so important that we tell our kids their levels and teach them how to choose books appropriately.

I take my kids to the school library and show them how to look up Lexile levels on books. My kids know their Lexiles and readability scores (San Diego Quick). My only homework assignment is a reading log. However, it’s more than just a record of what students are reading. They practice their elements of literature on comprehension skills with their home reading. They may cheat and not read the entire 20 minutes, but they have to at least read enough to say, determine the point of view, write about its effect, and find quotes to validate their answers.



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