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Persuasive Techniques

We are studying propaganda/ persuasive techniques this week. So far, we’ve learned about bandwagon, snob appeal, testimonial, and transfer. Tomorrow, I plan on reviewing these techniques before adding a few more on Thursday. It took me a ridiculous amount of time to find some of these commercials on YouTube. I felt like it should have been easier. The Internet should have had them all there in a nice, neat place for me to search and click. Now it will. I hope these can be of use to you if you teach these techniques as well.

NOTE: I didn’t really find and classify these. I am pretty much stealing them from other people who did for the sake of compiling them in one place.


Snob Appeal

(This one almost caused me to spew Diet Coke all over my computer screen! It’s funny!)





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Theme and Symbolism

We are just wrapping up a study of theme and symbolism. To help students, better understand, I used a Pixar short.

When the students came in, their warm up was to brainstorm questions to ask themselves to help determine the theme or the meaning of symbols. We held a class discussion and created an anchor chart with our tips for each theme and symbol.

Then, we watched La Luna, which has sadly been pulled from YouTube in the past few days. I had hoped to post a link.

After viewing, students discussed the questions on the anchor chart with their partners. Then we discussed as a whole class. Finally, students wrote a response stating the theme and the meaning of the symbol (hats) in the short and validating their responses by citing evidence.

(The next day, we added the answers in blue on the charts as a review.)

Then, we read a vignette fromĀ The House on Mango Street, discussed the same questions, and wrote the same response determining theme and the meaning of the symbols and validating responses by citing evidence.

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